About Us

Welcome to Autumn Blooms by Kami, LLC! I'm Kami and our shop offers affordable and healthy alternatives to toxic-filled products.

There are amazing herbs and oils in nature that are essential to your healing. When purchasing from Autumn Blooms, you support a mama on a mission to provide cruelty-free, all-natural, lip and skin care products.

My adventure with natural healing began when I learned how to make infused oils and salves for one of my sons. He not only had many food allergies, but also severe eczema. I didn't like the answer from doctors: slather him with prescription creams daily and give him bleach baths. I knew there had to be a way to help his skin, as well as heal his gut.

We gave him a probiotic in addition to feeding him nutrient-dense foods to heal. This process became a necessity and our lifestyles changed.

It took becoming a mother to learn and love everything having to do with natural medicine. I replaced toxic chemicals in our home with natural compounds, and with further studying, eventually learned the true power of medicine in nature.

My husband lovingly teases me and calls me his "hippie wife." He will also tell you he is glad I didn't just settle for a life of "epi pens, food avoidance, and prescription creams" for our son.

I find joy in staying home with our 5 young children and sharing my love for natural healing with others. I love God, nature, Autumn, sunsets, all-things-giraffe, the ocean, fog, and potatoes.

You can find me on Instagram @autumnbloomsbykami or my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/autumnbloomshealingsalve/.

I have giveaways and discount codes on both these sites often.

Happy healing!